PHP Link Bid Site Migrated to Link Bid Script

OneDollarLink before conversion to LBS 

OneDollarLink After conversion to Link Bid Script   

Link bid script continues its spectacular growth amount bidding directory owners. Many webmasters love the graphical user interface, others love LBS for its versatility and some for the fact that you can just download and use LBS free of charge.

LBS has not only been the most popular bidding script for webmasters starting a bidding site but some webmasters are converting bidding site powered by other scripts to LBS powered, one example was who converted his site from being powered by PHP Link Bid to Link Bid Script.

If you want to convert you PHP Link Bid powered site to Link Bid Script, don’t forget that our support team are here to help you with the migration free of charge.

Link Bid Script meets WordPress

The first Link Bid Script (or LBS for short) template created with a matching WordPress theme was announced on Friday the 3rd of September 2007 by LBS theme creator Daniel at UK Webmaster Forums. The theme was called “mild darkness” on account if its very dark blue colour. The them was inspired by UK WW member Mr_Bill.

Mild darkness is the first in a many matching WordPress and Link Bid Scripts we hope to create to make using WordPress and Link Bid Script go hand in hand. Link bid scripts official blog will soon be spotting Mild Darkness theme shortly.

To download Mild Darkness please visit Link Bid Script templates forum where you will find the download link.

Link Bid Script – The beautiful template

The official launch date of Link Bid Script is still some time away, however that has not stopped the rapid take up of Link Bid Script by webmasters who appreciate the quality of Link Bid Script.

So far, all link bid script template has been developed by the LBS team. Our attention was draw to a Link Bid Script install that does not use any of our official link bid script template but one developed by the site owner. A screen shot of the template can be found at the top of the post. It was developed exclusively for ad bid click.

Other Link Bid Script users who has seen the ad bid click template agreed that its the most beautiful link bid script template so far.