phplinkbid script V1.5.2 released

This is the last post from team LBS for the year 2008. Firstly we wish you a happy Christmas and a prosperous 2009. Secondly, this is to let you know that we can LBS version 1.5.2 ready for you before we go on Christmas/new year holiday breaks.  Here are some of the things we fix/enhance in Link Bid Script 1.5.2

* We have replaced  all the remote URL FOPEN functions with CURL functions.
*  We have enhanced the stats for  Google, Yahoo, Alexa and MSN.
*  The backline url error reported has now been fixed.
*   We also corrected the function that verify whether a link partner actually linked back to you.
*  NEW!! now you can do a 3 way link exchange, you can request that link partner links to a 3rd party and not your LBS directory.
* We added TAGS for enhanced SEO friendliness and for enhanced search in your local LBS database.
*  We have laid the ground work for your Link Bid Script to be compatible with PHP6.
*  Now you can get your LBS directory script to auto approve from control panel (no need to edited base files).
*  If you have many LBS site, its now easy to know which one a link has just been submitted to.
* Sub directory function enhanced.
* Google map API enhanced
* CAPTCHA has been enhanced.

Running phplinkbid script with WordPress htaccess issue

Some users running link bid script and WordPress has been reporting issues to do with .htaccess conflict. The best way to run both application on the same site without getting your hands dirty with editing .htaccess file is either to run Link Bid Script in the root folder of your hosting account and run WordPress in a sub folder or run WordPress in the root folder and Link Bid Script in a sub folder, that way, both applications works well eith their respective default .htaccess files.

This problem is cause primarily because WordPress implements global rewrite rules but LBS uses defined and filtered rewrite rules.  If you need help with  LBS/WP .htaccess issue, please visit our support forum and we will be able to assist you.