LBS German Language File Now Available

The development team at Link Bid Script has long have the desire to make LBS available in as many languages as possible, the only problem is that we do not speak other languages fluently enough to do the translation ourselves.  Thanks to some very nice people we have a few translations, to date we we have Romanian translation, thanks to Mihai Popa, Hungarian translation, thanks to Zoltan Bagi. A few days ago, we have a German translation, thanks to Nitram .

He not only translated the German language file, which enables us to bring you the German version but he also created a new templates. He did not give a name to his template, its quite a dark template so it was christened the dark template.  You can find out more information about the dark template and where to download it should you want to use it fro this post.

In total, we have Link Bid Script in the aforementioned languages and English of course. We are looking for helpers to help translate it into more languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese and other major languages. If you can help translate LBS to any language at all, please get in touch.

The new German translation is available in LBS V1.5.2, which is the latest version the directory script. Unlike the English version, there is no pre-packaged German version. For does who need to run it in German, you need to download the English version, then the German language file, follow the language translation instruction which can be found here and you have a German version. If you have any problem please use our support forum, we we will be happy to help free of charge.