Full features of Link Bid Script Premium

Premium Link Bid Script Features

Link Bid Script Premium directory is finally available. Here are the full feature you can find in Link Bid Script Premium:

- Advance spam filter including reCaptcha and admin approval before listing.
- Multiple currency support.
- Use pre made or custom templates.- category and or alphabetic navigation
- advanced SE stats, backlinks info and Google PR info
- SE Stats updating automatically
- screenshots of the listed sites
- enable or disable stats
- outbid mail notification options
- link order management for separate pages
- maintenance mode
- home page links on or off
- Google Map
- listing expiry mode: never expire, 30 day, 60 day … etc
- free mode option
- free mode with backlinks
- language management
- enable disable the pages: about us, terms, top links
- enable or disable address submission
- set rel follow or nofollow
- dual captcha option: lbs or recaptcha
- set bid limits
- admin management
- manage the links number per page
- welcome text management
- category management
- manage separate the bids, active listings and inactive listings
- orders management
- shopping basket
- link fields management from the admin section
- page content management for: about, terms, news pages
- add custom pages
- blogroll type linkroll
- email templates management
- templates management
- google adsenses option
- integrated google and yahoo site map generator
- very detailed SE stats management
- bad word filter
- IP ban
- Domain ban
- MySQL management with backup option
- TAGS, not required
- search form
- PayPal IPN integrated
- ready for PHP v6
- improved subcategory management
- SE stats now is with CURL

Minor update to LBS V2.3

Just to let all link bid script version 2 users know that we have made some minor update to LBS V2. Some of the issues corrected were raised at our support forums, thanks for all the users who point out attention to this problems.
The patched version of LBS V2 can be downloaded from http://forums.linkbidscript.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=56 i
if you are installing LBS from the scratch.
If you want to patch an existing LBS installation please use this download: http://forums.linkbidscript.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=55
Here are some of the issues solved in the above upgrade:

- submit new listing error on browser IE 7x – IE8x
- upgrade listing error on browser IE 7x – IE8x
- contact us error on browser IE 7x – IE8x

- admin section delete listing problems for:

- active listings
- inactive listings
- upgrade bid
- orders section