Win cPanel web hosting for your LBS site

DevHunters forums in conjunction with Link Bid Script are running a contest. Here is what you can win:

1. A .com domain of your choice
2. Full cpanel hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth for 1 year
3. A Link Bid Script (LBS) full set up with your name on the logo!
4. DevHunters will purchase a 10.00 ad spot to be your first customer!!

In other words your own link bid script plus web hosting for one full year and you are guaranteed a $10 link sale immediately.

Please visit the contest thread at DevHunters

Midland Internet Special Offer to LBS user

This is a special offer for UKWW members.
You must be a member here and have made over 50 posts to qualify.
Whats on offer?

Fully Installed Link Bid Directory Details
Example Site
Domain Name ( .com or .net)
12 Months Hosting Details

All for just $20

Now heres the good bit…..!!!
If you cant make your $20 back in the first month….you get a full refund!

Conditions apply.
You must actively advertise your site including here and at TriPHP