Link Bid Script V1.5 out soon

Team Link Bid Script has been busy updating LBS. The version we are working on at the moment is V1.5.  All the updates has been done, we are currently testing it to ensure there is the minimum possible bugs in the software.
We listened to our users and made the changes requested. We also upgrade and enhanced many of the existing features in LBS, a good example of enhanced feature is the thumbnail image display facility. You can now swap the built in display for your preferred display easily.

A list of some of the new and enhanced features follows:

* Statistics to let you know at a glance the links and categories in your directory.
* Statistics for the admin in the control panel.
*  Change thumbnail to you preferred provider.
* Outbid notification.
* Admin can customise outbid notification email.
* Enhanced CAPTCHA.
* Enhanced anti space listing technique
* Lang file to make translation to other languages easy.
* Admin can move listing from category to category in control panel.
* Lang file for easy translation to other languages.
*  Admin can order listing by submission date or alphabetic order.
*  Admin can turn directory on or off.
* Disable bidding function and run LBS like a standard directory.
* Google site map and Yahoo site map generation.
*  Comprehensive banning of spammers; by IP address, email address or domain name.
*  Word filtering to remove words you do not want used in your directory.
*  Run your directory as a free or paid directory.

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