Learning PHP – How to do it and is it hard?

Learning a programming language is hard, even if you have some previous knowledge of other programming languages. Each of those languages has some unique subtleties, as well as their structure and syntax and those things, make it hard to learn it.

When you start learning PHP, do use the latest version of it. Many people start with older versions, and they stick with it in the belief that it is same as the current version. That’s a mistake because there are differences between versions of PHP and using the latest one should me a common thing.

Getting familiar with PHP manual is another thing people fail to do. They go through some online guides, and they think that they know everything that is there to know and that they can start learning the PHP. The PHP manual contains much vital info that will make PHP learning a lot easier, the info you won’t find in those guides.

Tips about learning PHP

We can’t teach you how to learn PHP, but we can give you some guidelines that will make it easier for you to learn it. We can’t teach you language, but we can give you tips about that process. And so we will give you tips and those tips will create guidelines that will make the process of learning PHP a lot easier than before.

05-01_php_conditional_statements_ld_imgLearning basics of the language is the first step, and that step includes the acquiring of computer skills. HTML basics are necessary for PHP, and you won’t be able to scratch PHP without HTML. Once you acquire knowledge about HTML, you will have to learn how to use basic editing tools. Simple tax editors will help you in editing text. Look for those that come with extensions like .html, .cgi and .php as they will make your learning easier.

Learning PHP is a long and strenuous process, and it requires a lot of sources of info and guidelines. PHP manual will give you the basic knowledge about PHP, and it will also supplement you with some details that will explain basics of this programming language. Relying on one source of knowledge to learn PHP is wrong as no site, or forum or a book contains all data necessary to learn the PHP. You should seek new sources of info about PHP and even when you learned it, and you should still look for new things to learn.

Learning PHP – In a nutshell

21f3240a730030b19973e9182785a3d0Google is the most valuable tool in learning anything, PHP included. Whenever you don’t understand it, you should take the question to the Google and find the answer. Even when you get stuck in writing something in PHP, you should Google it. Google has answers to the most of the questions you can ask, so use it.

Many open-source projects are always running, and you can join them. You should participate in those projects, even if your knowledge of PHP is not up to par with other people. This will give you a chance to experience working with the language you are trying to learn.